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About our commitment to excellence.

Our Commitment to Excellence (CTE) is a lifestyle, a way of being and doing that instills a sense of pride!

We are committed to being a true Freight Management Partner (FMP), one who handles all aspects of the domestic supply chain, including collecting containers from the port, handling inventory in one of our warehouses and overseeing the delivery of a shipment to its final destination.

To be an excellent FMP to our clients, we must provide a seamless professional experience from start to finish. A company, that holds high standards, and creates a caring, family-like environment for our team – and where we have a near zero error rate for our clients and a near zero attrition rate on our team.

Now more than ever our clients are faced with pressure to perform, and with confusing complexity in their domestic supply chain. We want to lighten your load, to diminish your worries. We want you to walk away knowing we have taken good care of your freight – whether we have stored it in our warehouse, or we are moving it from point A to point B.

There’s no way to achieve these aims without committed, caring human beings, which are always, always better than any system.