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Helping Hand House serves families with children in our community experiencing the crisis of homelessness by providing emergency shelter and other services in an effort to help them obtain their own safe and secure “forever” home. We provide urgent relief with trust, dignity, respect and compassion while rekindling their hope for a better future.

Founded in 1984 by Puyallup resident Margie Addington, What was birthed out of one woman’s desire to help one family find one night of safe, secure shelter has grown into a regional movement of community partners, businesses, churches, individuals, foundations, service clubs, and municipalities to become the most cost-effective provider of housing services for families in the Puyallup, WA and Pierce County. During their stay in one of four housing programs, HHH provides training and financial resources needed to end homelessness while supporting client families as they walk through the most vulnerable period of their lives.

All programs offered by HHH meet important components of a Housing First engagement model. By providing immediate, secure housing, followed by other assistance, support services, and referrals to other specialized services for families to meet the goal of finding permanent housing, HHH removes all barriers to program entry to help meet the goal of making a family’s homelessness episode rare, brief, and non-recurring.


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We love our community partners, especially Anthem!
Girl Scouts come out every year to help us out!
We're fortunate to have solid community support from so many organizations, like the Puyallup Tribe and the Seattle Seahawks...
Christmas is always a GREAT Season!
Find Gracie's Story on our website...
Every Fall, we provide backpacks for all our kiddos.
Thanks so much for who you are to Helping Hand House!