KD Water Systems

KD Water Systems

About Us

KD Water Systems is a locally owned/operated B2B vendor of bottle-less water and ice machines for businesses. Our focus is providing high quality products at competitive prices with excellent service for our customers. Our water coolers and ice machines are from the best manufacturers to give customers the best filtration possible. Our mission is to generate work place excitement through water and ice. We service Washington and NW Oregon.
1. Water coolers without jugs
2. Ice for office and commercial
3. Distilled water
4. Sparkling water

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  • Bottleless Purified Water Coolers
  • Purified Office Ice coolers
  • Purified Commercial Ice
  • Distilled Filtered water
  • Hands Free water/ice dispensing


Most popular high capacity cooler in a lobby
Most popular countertop option
How one of our coolers looks compared to a Jug dispenser
Most popular mid capacity cooler in a lobby
Office ice in the customer waiting area
Office ice in the break room

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Delane Wolter