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Make IT Problems Last Year's Problems. Start the New Year off with a IT Upgrade. Cleaning up open issues from the previous year gives you and your team free reign to make the next year a record-breaking success with nothing holding you back. It problems, network slowdowns, printing issues, and unavailable resources can all be left in the past.

Make IT Problems Last Year's Problems

Rocket Rooter is offering a FREE sewer video inspection for a limited time and to a limited number of customers. This is a $250 value. Scheduling priority is reserved for NASA maintenance plan members. Call our office at 253-987-5539 to request a FREE sewer video inspection. Conditions apply.

FREE Sewer Video Inspection!

CrawlSpace Assessments can identify access obstructions, standing water, debris, structural support deficiencies, blocked ventilation, water pipe leaks, missing insulation, electrical hazards, rodent activity, mobile home specific issues, etc. Our assessment includes the entry and visual evaluation of the crawl space and a post-assessment digital report to document our findings

We crawl under your home so you don't have to!