Kidstown International



About Us

Kidstown is about practical Help for Orphans. This is our starting point and where we invest most of our resources and effort. It is Kidstown’s desire to alleviate the suffering of orphaned and at-risk children by providing resources that will help them to have food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, and an education. Kidstown also endeavors to help with one-time needs such as clean water, electricity, beds, basic facilities (such as toilets), and education expenses. Additionally, Kidstown aims to reach out and befriend the children, knowing that often they suffer emotionally and need to know that they have a new family that loves and cares for them. Finally, we are committed to praying for the kids: that God will help them and give them hope.

Orphanages often lack basic commodities such as beds, water filters, and electricity, and may also need basic facilities such as toilets. Education is also a key area for which funds are needed. Kidstown is committed to helping these orphanage increase their quality of life through provision of the above-mentioned items, as funds are available.

In addition to providing long-term support to the orphanages as well as special project funding, Kidstown also needs key donors to help keep its fuel tank full so that we can sustain current efforts and continue reaching out to help other orphanages.

Because God is central to Kidstown and to the orphanages we support, we believe in the importance and power of prayer. Informed, targeted prayer will move the hand of God and bring results in the lives of the orphans and leaders.