Stellar Joy Co, A Wellness Community

Stellar Joy Co, A Wellness Community


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Stellar Joy Co, is a Wellness Community committed to helping clients gain the skills needed to create long lasting lifestyle changes. Pamela Denny is a Certified Wellness Coach. She grew up in the small town of Sumner, Washington. She has always enjoyed a good book, loves the freedom of writing, traveling to new places, and exploring different environments. She genuinely values the unique stories we have to share about our individual journey through the mess and beauty of our life's experiences. She believes Love holds all the cards. Love for ourselves, Love for others, and Love for nature. There is magic living within everyone of us, just waiting for the catalytic moment that will inspire our personal wisdom to collide with our hearts and present itself to the surface so we can boldly share that heart beat with the rest of the world. We persist every single day to be our true selves. She believes we have a lot to gain from one another if we can slow our lives and thoughts down a notch or two and become present enough to vulnerably and courageously share our stories. Pamela has a passion to ignite inspiration and love, while acknowledging the human conditions that promote self doubt. Together we can work to rise above self sabotage and connect with our brilliant inner-wisdom. We empower one another when we believe we are worth it


Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit to the brave work of seeking your Stellar Joy.
Explore values that define your belief system
Author of "Stellar Strategies : A Playbook for a life Full of Stellar Joy"
Nutrition plays a vital role in mental health and overall wellness
Respond to unexpected situations with intentions, not knee jerk reactions
Dinner parties provide an intimate platform to explore values and group dynamics